• Department of neurology, Sichuan Academy of Medical Science & Sichuan Provencial People’s hospital, Chengdu 610041, China;
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Objective  To evaluate the effect of PNS on Idiopathic facial palsy.
Methods  A total of 86 cases of acute idiopathic facial paralysis were randomly divided into the treatment group (PNS group, 44 cases), and the control group (42 cases). The basis of the two groups included hormone therapy, B vitamins, anti-viral treatment, as well as acupuncture and physical therapy, both in the incidence of 7 days to give the treatment. House-Brackmann facial nerve function classification and evaluation were used to determine clinical efficacy; ENoG line was tested before and after treatment.
Results  Before H-B classification of facial nerve function, EnoG side of the latency and amplitude in the two groups were comparable. At 28 days after treatment, H-B scores for the treatment group and the control group were (2.33 ± 1.21) and (3.08 ± 1.35), respectively, and the two groups had significant differences (P lt;0.05); ENoG incubation period (2.46 ± 0.34) and amplitude (189 ± 67) of the treatment group were more than those of the control group; the incubation period (3.37 ± 0.49) and amplitude (131 ± 52) improved, and there were significant differences between the two groups (P lt;0.05). Comparison of efficacy of the two groups showed the total effective rate: 95.45% in the treatment group, 80.95% in the control group, and the efficacy of the treatment group was better than that of the control group (P lt;0.05).
Conclusion  Sanqi tongshu, B vitamins, anti-virus, such as the acupuncture and physical therapy for the treatment of acute idiopathic facial paralysis have significant effect.

Citation: LIU Jing,WU Jingfen,WEI Yongsheng. Sanqi Tongshu Capsule for Acute Idiopathic Facial Paralysis: A Clinical Controlled Trial. Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, 2010, 10(1): 30-32. doi: 10.7507/1672-2531.20100079 Copy

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