• The Third Department of General Surgery, The Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Harbin 150001, P. R. China;
LIU Chang, Email: changliu72@163.com
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Objective To understand the present situation and effect of da Vinci robot in the treatment of obesity.Method The literatures about the application of da Vinci surgical robot in metabolic surgery for weight loss were reviewed.Results da Vinci surgical robot was a minimally invasive surgical system in recent years. Because of its unique structure, it broke through the limitations of traditional laparoscopic surgery, such as lack of field of vision, two-dimensional imaging, unstable lens, limited range of movement, and so on. It provided a solution way for metabolic surgery for weight loss with narrow operation space and high technical difficulty. At present, the differences were significant in operation time and postoperative complications between da Vinci surgical robot and laparoscopic weight-loss.Conclusions In recent years, da Vinci surgical robot has been widely used in metabolic surgery for weight loss. It not only overcomes many limitations of laparoscopic assisted weight loss surgery, but also it is safe, feasible, and has a similar clinical effect. It provides a new choice for metabolic surgery for weight loss.